Frequently Asked Questions

The class is filled, will I have another opportunity to participate?

Unfortunately, our sign ups are on a first come, first served basis. Once the class is filled, we cannot add more students due to capacity limitations. We have a waitlist you can sign up for. Please email and list your class of interest. You will be added to the waitlist and contacted as soon as class availability opens.

How do I know what class is best for me or my student?

Every class has an age range; but our desire is to place students in the best quality education for their individual abilities. If we feel you would benefit moving up a level, we will suggest this privately and do our best to move you up when an opening is available.

Why do I have to take ballet in order to take jazz?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Within a ballet class, your student will learn proper technique and the professional dance etiquette required for all classrooms and all dance styles. Ballet not only helps with all dance forms, but there is outstanding research to support countless other benefits supporting the holistic person including but not limited to cognitive improvements, sensory development, and social development.

I want to take several classes, do you offer any discounts?

We have a Musical Theatre Bundle for students 10 years or older which provides a discount to students participating in a base level Ballet Class, base level Jazz Class, Acting Class, and Musical Theatre Class. All other classes will be a la carte and paid individually and in addition to this bundle. 

If I have several students who would like to enroll at the same time, do you offer a discount?

We do offer a discount for additional students. Please visit our "Finances" page to see discounts for additional family members.

Is The Landing open for play during class?

Yes, within our following parameters. Adult supervision is required for any student under the age of 16 in Bouncy Blvd, Turf Field, and Gymnasium, provided they are not privately rented.

Is there a deadline for when I am able to register for class?

Registration will be open until January 1. At this time we will begin preparing for the Spring show and therefore new applicants will not be admitted until the following school year.

Is the Cafe open during class hours?

The Cafe is open 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday and 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Thursday. Parents may continue to wait in the lounge area of the Cafe after the counter is closed.

What do I wear to class?

We have a firm dress code. Please visit our "How To Prepare" page.

I need to withdraw from class. What is the cancellation policy?

Call the office to cancel your registration. There is not a cancellation fee until September 10th. After September 10th, a cancellation fee equal to the class amount will be charged in addition to that month’s class payment. Students who miss more than four classes a semester will be automatically withdrawn.

I need financial assistance. Do you offer financial aid?

Please visit our “Finances” page to see our opportunities to apply for scholarships.

I have the ability to bless others financially. How do I financially contribute to ISOTA?

Thank you for your generosity! Please visit our “Finances” page to learn how you can donate to ISOTA today!

Who is my instructor?

We have a wonderful staff here at ISOTA and look forward to meeting you. When you sign up for your class, you will receive an email confirmation that lists your primary instructor. Meet our staff and read their bios on the homepage of ISOTA!

Is Impact School of the Arts a part of Impact Christian Church?

Yes! Impact Christian Church houses The Landing, which is the name of our multi-purpose community space. Impact School of the Arts is an initiative of The Landing. You will see the new ISOTA sign in our Arts Wing!

What is the time commitment when I sign up for classes?
Our season runs from September until May. We will have an end-of-year show in May!

When will you close registration? 
We have rolling registrations until January 1 st of the current school year. As long as the
class has space available, you can register. If the class is full, please
email to be added to our waitlist. Once an
opening becomes available, we will reach out to you. The waitlist is first come, first

Will there be a show or recital?
Yes! At the end of the season, in May, we will have an end-of-year Spring show.